Sichan Salt Savory Flavor

Flavors of Sichuan–Salt Savory Flavor

Salt Savory Flavor is one of Sichuan cuisine’s most subtle tastes—and it highlights a key element of the Sichuan food philosophy: the concept of xian wei. We’ve mentioned xian wei before—it’s that hard to describe, magical taste that is at the essence of fresh meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms, and other ‘xian-rich’ foods. The point of Salt Savory Flavor is to draw out that essence using salt, sometimes supplemented by very small amounts of other flavors such as sugar, soy sauce or sesame oil.

What are the flavors that make Sichuan food so fracking good? In this series, we explore these flavors, drawing from Fuschia Dunlop’s list of the ’23 flavors of Sichuan food’ which can be combined with prep methods, different food types and shapes to create an almost infinite set of culinary possibilities.

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