Photo by Andrew Malone

Photo by Andrew Malone

Black Trumpet is a new model for eating out.

Imagine a night out for dinner where the venue is more than just the backdrop… Where you taste delicious food on a constantly revolving menu and meet new friends over the meal.

Black Trumpet is a new eating out experience; our meals, which ‘pop up’ monthly in different locations are not your average fare.

Black Trumpet is:

A Night Out Meets Dinner with Friends
Our small dinners are capped in size and our guests eat together. It’s our way of celebrating how food can bring people together.

New tastes, smells and sights
Black Trumpet’s menu rotates every few months–because we want to try something new and we know you’ll enjoy the adventure.

Delicious food in secret, tucked away locales
From high ceilinged apartments to tucked away secret garden backyards, Black Trumpet ‘pops up’ in different locations. We keep the locale and experience fresh, just like we keep the menu revolving.

Kitchen and table coming together
We love hosting and love getting to spend time with our guests. We love spending time out of the kitchen getting to be part of the fun, and sharing some of the excitement and surprise from the kitchen.

…So what is a black trumpet?

A black trumpet is a mushroom, the Craterellus cornucopioides. Earthy, delicious, and not so easy to find, unless you know where to look.