Our approach to kashrut….

We believe that kosher food has the potential to bring people together, and more kosher options in Boston mean more chances to build community.  Yet while all our meals our kosher, we are excited to include people of all background and food preferences.

We also strongly believe in a return to community trust in kosher food. Following the example set by recent community kashrut movements based on trust, our kashrut policy is to be extremely transparent about the kashrut standards we keep.

Our founders (with includes our head cook) are Shomer Shabbat. One of our cooks is a trained mashgiach, and Cambridge-based Rabbi David Roth advises us on kashrut.

We also invite you in to visit our kitchen or to contact us for information on our practices and see below for some specifics on our kashrut standards.

-All meals–unless otherwise noted–are meat and have been made on meat or pareve equipment.

-Black Trumpet is a mobile operation. We maintain our own portable equipment. When cooking in others’ kitchens on-site, we kasher the kitchen prior to us.

-All packaged foods that require certification are hecshered by respected certifying agencies. At this point we do not use food bearing the ‘Tablet K’ or ‘Triangle K’ hechshers. If you have any questions about heschers we follow please contact us.

-We consult this list for foods not needing certification as well as consult Rabbi David Roth.

-All fruits and vegetables are carefuly cleaned and checked for insects. Insect-infested produce is discarded.

-All wine used in cooking and serving is kosher.

-No cooking or food preparation takes place on Shabbat or Ymei Tov (religiously observed Jewish holidays.)